Damsel In Distress!!

I escaped, but now what? These woods don’t look familiar at all and who knows how far they go before I could find someone helpful if that was even possible. I’m not confident on anyone believing my story of a young college boy being transformed into a hot girl. In all honesty, I’ll probably have to just play it off as a damsel in distress. At least then I can be saved, but most likely at more costs. My nipples harden, piercing through my dainty sundress, as I hear the hollering of my pursuers. Was it from the thrill of being hunted or something far worse that I’m getting horny from all this? The men’s voices so strong and hyper-masculine, the exact opposite of what they’ve turned me into.

I could picture their accompanying muscular bodies as they search for me. It felt so wanted. No, I can’t let them capture me again. I don’t even want to imagine what they’d do to me now after I disobeyed them if they’ve already gone so far when I was semi-compliant. I need to run, but there’s no way I can outrun them. My body’s still too new to me and I’ve lost a lot of my muscle and athletic ability. But I need to try. I can’t give up so easily. I just might need to use my new sex appeal sooner than I wanted. This could be some fun.


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