Daddy’s Respect !!

“Oh, let me take a look at you,” he said as he sat down on the chair by the bed. “You look a lot different than I remember you. Not bad. Not bad at all.” He, Mr. Galecki, smiled wide as I was making out by some anonymous client who came to the brothel where I am forced to work. He stared straight into my eyes, almost with a paternal love, which sickened me. Galecki is the reason why I am in this situation. I used to think of myself as his adopted son, but I can’t do that any more. I can’t think of myself as male. “I know that I should not interrupt you while you are working,” Galecki said. “But do not worry about that. Your man, here, he’s one of mine.I paid for this visit, this is a gift from me to him.” I wanted to say something, but I’ve learnt to stay quiet no matter the humiliation I am forced to endure. Things have only gotten worse the more I have spoken out, and I don’t want to give Galecki any more reasons to further demean and degrade me. I was just listening.”You’ve become such a beautiful flower,” Galecki said as he leaned back in the chair. He lit a cigarette and started smoking. “I always knew you had it in you. You just needed help bringing it out. I am proud of you, sweetheart.” I never knew my father, I barely knew my mother. I grew up as a street rat, and I’ve committed more petty crimes in my life than you could ever imagine.I did what I needed to survive, and for the longest time, stealing became as second nature to me.

There was many times in my life where I could have needed some good ol’ fatherly advice, but I was on my own.The closest thing I had to a family was the criminal organisations that wanted to recruit me as I got older. “My intention was never to leave you here… your beauty might fade if you are left here for too long,” Galecki said. “But I needed to break you, to make you learn that you’re no man. You needed to develop a feminine sense of self, so that you will no longer rebel. You are submissive and beautiful.” My big mistake was thinking I mattered. I thought I actually had the respect of Mr. Galecki, one of the city’s most notorious crime bosses. I saw in him a father figure that I could try to impress, but he never saw me as a son. He didn’t want me to get close, he just wanted me to do a few jobs for him, and that would be it. When I refused to go away, when l insisted I should be a part of his family, he did this to me. To keep me quiet. To make sure I wouldn’t bother him again. I want you to meet my son,” Galecki said. “He’s coming home from studying abroad. He is smart, and he is even more handsome than his father. I want to give him a girl, one that will behave and fulfil all her duties without asking questions. I think you might be that girl. I know that is awkward seeing your future father-in-law when you are in this position, but I just wanted to welcome you to the family. I trust you won’t make me regret giving you this chance.

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