Daddy’s Little Girl !! (Tg Caption)

“Daddy,I don’t like these socks! They’re itchy and I want to wear another pair!” I cried as my roommate put the thigh high socks on my hairless legs. I pushed my feet against his chest, trying to kick him away. But he barely noticed it at all. Here I was, lying on my bed trying to kick him away with all of the strength left in my frail and weak body, and failing spectacularly. He just stood there firmly but gently forcing the socks on to my leg. He seemed to have the strength of a titan compared to me. And I know for a fact that he hasn’t worked out a single day in his life. He works behind a computer all day! “I’m serious Daddy! I don’t like these socks!” I yelled I can’t stop myself from speaking like this. Although my mind is my own, I still speak like some toddler. Whatever he did to me, it has thankfully not affected the way I think, but it has completely changed the way I behave. I am so submissive now. I can’t help but do whatever it is that he wants me to do.He punishes me if I don’t call him “Daddy.”As disgusting as it is, I have to submit.

“You’re being a brat, Daisy,” he said. “You’ll wear these socks, or else I’ll make you walk around naked again.” I can hardly believe how much my body has changed these last few months. I know it has something to do with the pills he is making me take. Sure, he tells me that they are vitamin supplements, but I know that is bullshit. If they were, then I’d see him take some as well. No, they’re the reason why I am this submissive. They’re the reason why I have no strength left in my body.”I don’t wanna take those pills any more!” I cried, trying my best to sound like my old self. “They’re making me into some sissy.” I heard my roommate laugh as I said that. I don’t know why he’s not taking me seriously. Did he always think I was some secret sissy for him to play with? I certainly can’t remember a time he seemed to respect me, but it is not as if I ever got much respect from anyone. I admit that I never was much strong in the first place, but he just seemed to completely erase whatever masculinity I had in the first place .”Those pills, ” he said. “They’re placebos. I am sorry to say, Princess, but I’ve done nothing to make you speak or behave like this. I simply asked and you obeyed. I think you secretly knew that, didn’t you?”

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