So what do you think dad?

What the hell!! Ricky is that you? What have you done to yourself?

Don’t freak out dad, I just took a little pill to turn into a girl.
Why would you do that? Its crazy!!
Well I thought it was best. You remember dad you caught me wearing mom’s dresses the other day? You were pretty mad at me and I remember you shouted at me and cursed me. You said that I was a freak and boys don’t wear dresses. Well I thought about it and you were right. No point in denying it. So I turned myself into a girl, now I can wear all the dresses, skirts and panties a girl could want. I bought this one just this morning, you like it?

What is wrong with you!! You stupid boy!! I am telling you to turn yourself back into a boy now!!
I cant, the pills lasts at least 2 weeks so it looks like I will be attending your birthday party looking like this. It will give me the opportunity to introduce the new me to all your friends and work colleagues.
I cant believe this…you are not my son!!
That’s right dad, I am your daughter now. So better get used to it….


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