“Come on, Megan. Do I really have to do this?”, Stan whined as his daughter continued to apply makeup to his face.

“Yes, daddy, you have to”, Megan replied, “I told you, that this photoshoot is very, very important for me and my future career.”

“I know that, sweetie, but….why didn’t you ask your mother to take your place?”, Stan asked.

“Oh no! Mom doesn’t need to get to know any of this, okay?”, Megan quickly said, “It’s already bad enough, that I needed to tell you about my accident with the medallion, that left me stuck as a copy of mom.”

“But I’m sure, she would have been very happy to help you.”

“And let her have my body?”, she asked, “I really don’t want to tempt her. In the end she might not want to give it back. I’ve read quite a few stories about that.”

“Oh….and what about the stories, in which the medallion just vanished before everyone could get changed back?”, Stan asked, “Yeah….I’ve read the stories too. Or what about the general image of an adult man inside the body of a young woman? Of his own daughter? Isn’t that kind of….weird?”

“Maybe, but there’s little anyone of us can do right now”, Megan sighed, “Look, dad. This will all be over in a few hours. I take you to the studio, you follow the photographer’s instructions and before you even know it we are already on our way back. Then we wait until the time limit is up and we can change back. Sounds easy enough. And all the while I’m going to make sure to keep a close eye on the medallion.”

“Hmmm….if I remember correctly, that’s also what the characters in the story used to say”, Stan said, “Before the medallion got lost.”

“Oh yes, daddy. Please keep this optimism”, Megan said sarcastically, “It really suits the body you’re currently in. And now let’s go! And at least try to act like an up and coming model, okay?”

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