Fabien had just moved into his new home and he had moved to his new job. While he was putting away the house, Fabien went down to the cellar to clean and tidy the cellar. While cleaning the cellar, Fabien finds a box full of dust and he dust and shows it in the living room. Once in the living room, Fabien puts the cardboard on the table and it must be said that it belongs to the old person who lives here before he manages. Fabien by curiosity decides to look in the box he opened the box and sees that the cardboard contains clothes, a prayer mat, but a book at the bottom of the cardboard caught the attention of Fabien. Fabien took the book and opened it. Fabien remarks that the book contains magic spells he must have thought it was a magic book, but he does not believe magic. So he decides to say a spell to see that it’s not true, but alas for him, it was true, the book begins to shine more and stronger and Fabien was blind. Once it was over Fabien reopened his eyes and said to himself – “But it was”.. Fabien stops in full sentence and realizes he had a girlish voice.

Panicked, he goes to the bathroom and looks in the mirror. He was shocked to see a beautiful Arab girl in the place of his reflection of the man -I’m really me. I became an Arab girl, but how is it possible? Fabien decides to return to the living room to see in the book if there is a way to become a man. Once back in the living room, Fabien tries to take the book, but unconsciously the hand of Fabien took the prayer rug and he is laying on the ground. Unconsciously, Fabien began to pray as if it were natural for him. Once finished, he realizes he just prayed that he did not know how to do it. Fabien tries to take the book, but once again unconsciously his hand took the clothes and began to put them. While changing clothes, Fabien’s personality and memories change to that of Fatima, a Muslim woman looking for a loving husband and shopping to please her husband. Fatima had finished dressing and took her hijab and then went to the bathroom. Facing the mirror, she put on her hijab and said to herself I hope that I will find myself a pretty handsome husband. A few weeks later, Fatima attacked these three new friends Farah, Samira and Aisha that she had met the local mosque to go shopping.

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