“Sarah-chan, over here!”

Sarah looked over to where she heard the familiar voice of her old university friend, Ben. But instead of being greeted by a familiar face, she instead saw a young blonde girl, stood sheepishly with her umbrella. Sarah looked around the park again, looking for a friend.

“Sarah, over here!” the girl repeated, but still Sarah was convinced the voice was coming from elsewhere. As the girl began to walk towards her, Sarah began to realize that Ben had indeed been there all along.

“Ben?” she asked, struggling to comprehend how this girl had stolen her friend’s voice.

“Hehe, surprised to see me?” the girl replied, her voice way too deep for a girl her age.

“You…no, it can’t be,” she stuttered, still struggling to wrap her head around what was happening.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I totally forgot you hadn’t seen me in girl mode! Rest assured, it’s me,” the girl laughed.

“But…what…you’re going to have to fill me in here,” Sarah managed to say, unsure how the slobby boy she knew from university had turned into a cute Lolita.

As the two of them walked through the park, Ben went through the details of his three years in Osaka. He had originally gone out there to teach English, which Sarah already knew. The two of them had bonded over their love of Japan back at university, and Ben often spoke of living out his Japanese fantasy life once they left university. While he was teaching, Ben had been drawn further and further into his Japanese delusions, becoming fluent in a shockingly short amount of time. In his own words, ‘one thing led to another’ and Ben was embracing Japanese fashion, but not the kind that was meant for men. Seeing as he was small for his age and gender, Ben didn’t struggle to find dresses and tights that fit.

“Once I started dressing properly, all my stress went away, like I had finally found myself. I was working as a boy in the week, then living as a girl at the weekend,” he said.

Ben’s double life didn’t continue for long, and soon a modeling agency took notice of the foreign lolita that strolled through Osaka on weekends. The modeling money wasn’t great but it allowed Ben to live the way he wanted. He had committed to being a girl full time.

“Of course, I had to change back into my boy clothes to come home. My passport photo isn’t up to date yet,” Ben laughed.

“This is so much to take in, Ben…” Sarah gasped.

“Sorry Sarah, but I don’t really go by ‘Ben’ anymore. You can call me Kiki now!”

“So, erm…Kiki, why come back home? It sounds like you found your perfect life in Osaka, it must be horrible for you being here,” Sarah joked.

“Well, my first job is to get my passport changed, but I’m also here for an operation.”

“An operation? Is it serious?”

“It’s not life-threatening, but yeah, it’s serious. I’ve thought about it for some time, and I know that the only way I’ll be happy is to get surgery to complete my journey.”

“Your journey…to becoming a girl?” Sarah asked, trying to be sensitive.

“Oh no, not just a girl. A Japanese girl. I can’t change my heritage, but I can change my face! I’ll be returning to Japan soon, but this time, people will think I belonged there all along…”


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