Crossdresser and her Best Friend !!

Matthew and Sharon stopped outside an abandoned shop in a trendy part of time. They had just spent the afternoon wandering around the streets exploring the boutiques and shops that they found. Matthew was fully feminized and not a single person had noticed that underneath his wig and skirt he was really a boy.His best friend Sharon loved his crossdressing and was more than happy to go out with him when ever he wanted some girlie time. She shared his love of lingerie and sexy fashion and they must have tried on just about every bodysuit and chemise in the area as well as modeling no end of skinny jeans and leggings for each other. After several hours on their feet it was time to go home. However, just about everyone else seemed to be doing the same thing and they were having trouble finding a cab. Each one that came along was pounced on by other shoppers before they had a chance to get near it.”We could be here all night,” Sharon said as she sat on the ground to rest her feet.”We then, it’s time to use some girl power,” Matthew said.As the next cab came along the street Matthew pulled up his skirt flashing a long sexy leg at the driver. The cab screeched to a halt beside them and the driver looked over at them in earnest.”You cheeky little slut,” Sharon squealed scrambling to her feet.The two girls jumped into the cab still laughing. A little more leg flashing on the way home together with just a peek of some pink panties and the driver offered to drop them off for free.

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