Britt had always had a love of singing. His friend Melanie constantly encouraged him to make a go of it, but he never went beyond the occasional karaoke night. He didn’t feel he was good looking enough to make it as a big-name star. Melanie convinced him to try a new look and told him to leave everything to her. Britt went to the salon Melanie suggested. He told the stylist to do “whatever,” not believing anything would make a difference. What he didn’t know was, Melanie had already told the stylist what to do with Britt’s hair. Two hours later, Britt woke up and screamed when he saw long, purple hair hanging off his head. Angrily, he sought out Melanie and began to berate her. Melanie reminded Britt that he had agreed to try ANY new look she offered. “Besides,” she said, “You’re only half done!“ Britt begrudgingly let Melanie finish off his makeover.

She added makeup and lipstick as well. He was about to curse her out yet again when he… no, she… saw her image in the mirror. “Now,” Melanie said, “I believe we were talking about your singing career!” The newly christened Britney was the newest hit of the pop scene. Winning several Grammys for her debut album “Find Ur True Self(ie)” she was easily one of the girliest, popular, and sought-after pop singers. Loved by women and men (both of whom Britney really LOVED in return), Britney was on the rocket ride to success. Of course, she saved her best love for her lover, manager, and creative consultant, Melanie. And of course, Melanie retained full creative control of Britney’s looks from here on out!


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