Crazy Wife turns her Husband into a Woman !!

No doubts, it had been a crazy day. You’ve gone from thinking of yourself as being just like any other guy, a grown man and a husband to a beautiful and kind woman. But now you’re not that. You’d get laughed at for suggesting it. Have they always thought you were a joke? You and your wife have been trying to conceive a child for quite some time now. You are both in your thirties, and you know that if not now then it might be never. You think alike, or at least, so you thought. It turns out that your wife had a secret hidden side to her, one that can get quite sadistic.You never used to doubt your own manhood. Sure, you know it’s not that big, but it can’t be that bad. It’s hardly microscopic. And your wife never used to complain… until recently.Almost all of a sudden she started making these remarks. These passive-aggressive comments about how small you are and how it’s no wonder that you aren’t able to make her pregnant.She started openly asking you if you even have any testicles, because she was beginning to doubt it herself. Really, she went so far as to suggest you might be an hermaphrodite, perhaps one of those people who due to hormonal imbalance or some genetic disorder was raised as the opposite sex. It was humiliating for you.But it was only the start, because your wife had become adamant about fully emasculating you.  She asked you at one point whether or not you had noticed how big your nipples are. In fact, your wife started openly describing your chest, which was a little flabbier than you would like to admit, as being a b-cup. Perhaps bigger. Your wife said you should be the one to breastfeed, as your chest was bigger than hers. You tried to debate her, you tried to end the humiliation, but before you knew it, you started wearing bras.You started wearing all the clothes your wife laid out for you, and as much as you felt like complaining you never did. It embarrassed you that you would be so passive and let your wife do this to you. And it humiliated you that all these clothes… they actually fit you quite well. You felt more comfortable wearing these womanly clothes than you had felt wearing clothes supposed to be for men.But still, you always held onto the hope that your wife still wanted you as her husband. She may be a little controlling, perhaps a little crazy, but she was still your loving wife. Even when she started referring to you as one of her ‘friends,’ you saw nothing wrong with that. Yes, you were married, but technically you were friends too.  Maybe she should refer to you as her husband, and maybe she shouldn’t bring you along to her girls’ nights with all her other friends, but you can’t complain about her wanting to spend more time with you.You got so pathetic that you didn’t even know if you had a right to complain when your wife started going on dates. She introduced you to her new boyfriend, some young guy in his twenties with a thing for older ladies. He even flirted with you, which made you super-uncomfortable. But you didn’t complain. You didn’t say a thing. You let her get date this young stud and you continued wearing panties and bras just like she wanted you to.Today you went on a double date. Your wife’s boyfriend had a brother also looking for an older lady. They referred to you and your wife as total ‘MILFs’ that any guy would love to be with.Your wife actually took that as a compliment, as she giggled like some little schoolgirl. You, on the other hand, only stared at the floor and wondered how the hell you would be able to keep your masculinity intact at the end of the evening.Of course, as you’re lying there on your bed with your date kissing you on lips you know you’ve lost it. You’re no man.You even started wondering if your wife was right… maybe you are a meant to be a woman.

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