Paul always used costume parties as a chance to dress up in some of his favorite boots. This party had been no different except for his date Felicia. At first, she thought Paul looked cute as a girl in shiny red latex with the big buckled boots. As the evening wore in though she got pissed as Paul spent more time admiring herself in her boots in every mirror than paying attention to her. Things came to a head on the drive home, Felicia driving because Paul felt unsafe driving in his boots. She complained about his failure to pay attention to her and he apologized and then made his apology moot by saying she had to admit Paul’s boots were really hot and it was a shame he couldn’t wear them all the time.

That was the last straw as she stopped the car and told him to get out. When he did she screamed, “if you like boots so much you can wear them all the time!” She proceeded to chant some words and Paul felt himself changing and his costume fit like a glove as he turned into Alexis. She was admiring her boots and didn’t even notice Felicia’s look of disgust. then Felicia drove away leaving Alexis
stranded on the damp road in a very tight skirt that barely allowed her to move as she began the long walk home thinking about all the boots she could now wear!

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