Contingency Plan !!

When the research lab accidentally lost another one of their technicians to radiation, the lab was in a panic. The inspector was scheduled to arrive in a week for a routine background check- when he discovered the lab had lost another employee, the program would be shut down for sure. “We need to execute her contingency plan,” Hank said. I know she only has a son, but we don’t have any other options. He’s the only one that can pass Mary’s gene scan.” Don’t you think they’re going to notice “Mary” is a 16-year- old boy? Use your head, Hank!” “He only needs to pass their gene scan, Phil. We can have the clinic take care of the rest. We’ll convince them. Let’s get ourselves a new Mary,” he said with a sly grin.Some time later, when Tyler finally came to, he let out a sudden cry of shock.

What was going on? Why was he dressed like a woman? Why did he feel like a woman?? “Now son, calm down,” Phil attempted. “You’re at your mom’s research lab. I’m afraid something has happened to your mom. You’re going to be… filling in for until we decide on what to do.” “What? What did you do to me? Why am I like this?” “Son, we need you to be Mary now. She volunteered you as her contingency plan-that’s why we did what we did.” “So what, you turned me into her??” Tyler choked in a combination of fury and disgust. “For how long? What’s your contingency plan for turning me back into a boy??” The men remained silent, staring away from Tyler in an awkward silence. Eyes widening, Tyler slowly turned his head toward the two silent men. “…You DO have a way back for me, don’t you??”


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