I haven’t always been Kevin’s wife. I used to be his male co-worker, living nearby. He used to pick me up in his car to go to work. Then one day he said he had downloaded some fun thing from the internet to play on his car stereo. He had said it probably wouldn’t work. All I remember from that time is waking up again when we arrived at our workplace with a strange taste in my mouth. After a few more rides to work I started dressing in skirts, pantyhose, heels and wearing makeup. It all felt just right to me. I also started getting feelings for Kevin that I couldn’t explain. Two weeks ago when I got to his house dressed in my new white dress, he gave me a list and a kiss on my cheek and told me to get inside and work on his list like a good little housewife. I haven’t gone to work since then and have moved in with Kevin…

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