Classic Blackmail !!

“Stay right there, Bobby, and don’t you dare take anything off! I’ll be right back. I’m going to ask Mom if I can borrow the good camera.”

Bobby was none too happy about his predicament, but he just didn’t see any way out of it. Janet had actually gotten pictures of him joy-riding downtown in the family car, and he knew that if she showed them to their mother, he’d be grounded forever, and she’d probably never let him get his license. So, it looked like he’d be at his sister’s mercy until at least after he turned 18 in September. But this business about the good camera was beginning to worry him. If she started taking pictures of him in dressed like this and threatened or blackmailed to post them on Facebook or something he just might have to endure being the object of her creepy little hobby for more than just the next several months.

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