Christmas Miracle !!

It was Christmas, but it wasn’t very merry. My twin sister Linda died in a car crash last year around Christmas time and the trauma was still haunting our family. Father was especially moody this time of year and overheard mother crying all throughout the holidays when she didn’t think I was listening. We all missed Linda so much. Not knowing what else to do to cheer my mother up, on Christmas day I went into my sister’s untouched room. Even though I was her brother l knew l still looked a lot like her, and after putting on one of my mother’s wigs and a little makeup, I looked at my reflection in Linda’s vanity mirror and saw Linda looking back at me. I put on an outfit I knew mother always loved to see Linda wear, slipped my feet into Linda’s shoes, and I went downstairs where mother was making Christmas dinner and father was reading the newspaper. When mother and father saw me they gave a gasp like they were seeing a ghost! I really did look exactly like Linda.

They calmed down after they realized it was actually me. I explained to mother and father I loved them and I missed Linda too. I told Mother that although Linda was no longer with us I could give her the Christmas present of having our whole family together again at least in spirit for the holidays. Mother gave me such a loving look that would have melted even the coldest of hearts, and she ran to me and gave me a loving hug. We cried together as we hugged each other tightly, and Mother and I bonded with each other that day like we never bonded before. Father beamed all day with a pride I’ve never seen him display. “Stand up straight and smile, Linda,” my father told me, pulling me back from my thoughts of last Christmas. The events of the year since they weren’t exactly what I expected; mother making me grow my hair out long the way my sister’s hair was and making me shave my legs, father forbidding me from going braless…and finally being locked out of my bedroom and having to stay in my sister’s room from now on.

I sleep beneath Linda’s favorite lavender sheets and I haven’t worn anything but Linda’s clothes for a year! Now, I am smiling as cheerfully as I can while wearing Linda’s party dress and heels, while standing next to the Christmas tree as mother fixes my lipstick and father takes my picture for the family album. “You are growing up into such a lovely young woman, Linda,” my mother told me as she caressed my cheek and gave me a loving smile, “And we will be there by your side every step of the way. We missed you so much when you left us but now that you’re back we’re never letting our beautiful daughter go. Never.


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