Cheating Husband is Turned into a Woman !!

Two years ago, David’s wife, Marianne, caught him cheating with his secretary at the company where he’s the Vice President of Sales. This was unfortunate. What was even more unfortunate was that her father is the company’s owner and C.E.O.”Listen,you cheating bastard, if you want to keep that precious job of yours, you’ll be doing exactly what I say from now on.”The only reason David had landed such a high-powered position was because he was Marianne’s fiancé. He had no choice but to comply, or he’d be out of a job and eventually out on the street.At first, Marianne’s idea of a punishment didn’t seem so bad. Basically, she put him on a strict high-calorie diet and forbade him from weightlifting. Sure, David had been a gym rat and it was hard watching his hard-earned muscles melt away to flab, but hed expected something apocalyptic with how pissed shed been.He only had to wait.As the months crept by, David found he wasn’t “fattening up”like a normal man.

Instead of getting flabby around the middle, it was his chest, hips, and ass that were packing on the pounds.I replaced your men’s vitamins with estrogen tablets.”You don’t have man boobs, you have breasts and you are going to keep them for as long as you want to keep your job. Right, Dana? David started sobbing like a girl. It was the first of many things he did “like a girl’ from that on.Dana is still learning to cope with his new, feminine condition. His wife dresses him, and she frequently selects outfits that accentuate his voluptuous new body. Happily, he’s still Vice President of Sales, and in fact his performance has improved dramatically since his “change”(as the rest of the company discreetly refers to it). Apparently, people like buying from the Dana far more than they ever did from David. But who could blame them?

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