Tim unbuckled the black bra from around his chest, for some reason he wasn’t able to stop what he was told to do no matter how much he fought. It was like his mind wasn’t the one in control of his body like someone else was controlling it. Tim’s girlfriend was so angry at him after she found out he was cheating on her. She didn’t just want to leave him though, she wanted to get back at him. She found an underground ring that would make anyone you wanted into a girl. They would screw them up like they did to you. In quick haste, she contacted them and informed them about Tim and what he did to hurt her. With all the information they needed, they kidnapped Tim whilst he was walking to his car from the office. A wet towel was forced onto his mouth, in a minute or two he was unconscious in the back of their van.

The gang told the girlfriends that they’d make their partners into the whore’s they were but she didn’t think it would be literal. They had a machine that would turn the men into women. Tim was placed into the machine and out came an unconscious blonde bombshell. When Tim woke up, he was in a foreign room with a large mirror in front of him. He was in awe of what he saw, a petite blonde cutie replicated every move he made. ”What happened to me?” he asked himself, his burgundy lips parting as he spoke. That’s when his hands started moving on their own. He had no control over their movement but they started undressing her black lacy lingerie. The gang would use the women for clients, the men would have no control over their body and were forced to do things they desperately didn’t want to. But that’s what happens when you cheat.

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