Change in Personality !!

I can’t recognise myself any more.I don’t mean to say that I’ve changed my personality… though, maybe I have changed that way too. But mostly I just can’t see the body I currently have matching the body I used to have. Sure,I was never that tall, but I used to think I was in good shape. I had abs! But now as I touch my stomach, I just feel so pudgy and soft. And not to mention my chest.It was nice of my buddy Jamie to let me stay with him after I got fired from my job. I guess I got a little depressed.I was unemployed for almost half a year before I realised that I couldn’t find any new gig. I just felt so apathetic about everything,and it was like as if I just wanted to stay at home all day doing nothing. Well, doing nothing meant that I couldn’t pay my rent.Has my butt gotten bigger? I suppose I’ve put on some weight, but it seems odd that l’d get a bigger butt before I’d get a beer gut. Not that I drink much beer… at least not any more.I’ve found myself liking girly drinks, like rosé wine and drinks made with flavoured vodka and juice. Now that I think about it, I’ve pretty much started dieting too.I like only eat vegetables now.Frankly, I don’t like the taste of meat any more.It’s been nearly two years since I first moved in with Jamie. He doesn’t seem to care that I don’t work, he’s very patient.

I know that as a guy I’m not really suppose to be that sentimental, but I really, really, like him. He’s very supportive and he’s such a good guy. I’ve begun cleaning around the house more, doing laundry and stuff, because if I did nothing I’d feel so guilty for taking advantage of him. He deserves someone to take care of him too.I almost cried the other day when he told me that my hair looked good. I haven’t washed it in what seems like months, and it’s grown so long, but just the thought that I could still look presentable to people made me sob like a little girl. He even said I looked cute, ‘which was a little weird but I kinda liked hearing that. Maybe being cute is not so bad.But the biggest change is with my little manhood. I used to think it was quite big, but it’s shrunk so much that it doesn’t even make a bulge in my panties.Did I say ‘panties?’ Of course I’m not wearing panties. They’re just… kinda soft and nice and fit well around my bigger butt.Jamie bought them for me, and I’d doubt he’d buy be actual panties. The last time he accidentally bought be a nightie, and he apologised profusely for that,so I have no reason to think he’d be that careless again.But, just between us two,I actually kinda like wearing the nightie.

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