It all seemed like a dream to Walt. Three years ago his wife, Sammy, came to him with a confession. Walt couldn’t believe what he was hearing. And what Sammy was proposing was unthinkable! You see, Sammy confessed to her husband of seven years, she preferred girls over guys. Walt never said a word he was so shocked. Sammy continued, “But I have a solution to the problem. I love you and always will. But the only way for us to be together is for you to become a woman.”

Walt remembers laughing when Sammy stopped talking. It had to be a joke. Sammy never smiled. Walt stopped laughing and remembers saying the stupidest thing, “How did this happen?” Sammy hugged Walt. “I don’t know. It just happened. One day I felt so empty and knew only a woman could fill the emptiness.”

Walt loved Sammy more than life so he accepted his only chance to spend the rest of his life with his wife. He went to the clinic and over three months of hormones and nanobot treatments became a woman. Sammy was so happy with her husband and his new name, Lucy. Walt got used to his new look faster than he imagined.

But life is cruel. Walt started to have different feelings as he turned more feminine mentally. One day he flirted with a guy and Sammy hit the roof. How dare you betray our marriage, Sammy shouted. Walt insisted he did nothing wrong. It only made Sammy madder.

Two months later and Sammy fell in love with another woman and demanded a divorce. Lucy totally dominated Walt’s persona by this time. The guy Lucy flirted with kept in touch. With Sammy gone, Walt didn’t want to be alone so he called the only guy he trusted. She is so nervous waiting for him. Her life is so different now. She feels so much like a woman she can’t remember what it was like before. To Lucy, her earlier life as Walt was all a dream. Now, Lucy is a woman looking to settle down with a good man.

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