‘Day 100 of the squat challenge :)’ read the caption of Simon’s latest Instagram post, showing him posing at the gym. The leggings he had chosen to wear to the gym today highlighted the results of 100 days of intense squats and exercise. Nearly four months ago, Sophie had challenged him to attempt the 100 Day Squat Challenge, claiming he’d never last that long. Never one to step down from a challenge, Simon accepted. Around day 16, Simon was struggling. His legs ached all the time and the intensity of the challenge was crippling. Sophie could see this every time they went to the gym together. She informed Simon about some inspirational CDs she had used to get through her intense training regime the year before and that maybe he should give them a go. Simon reluctantly agreed and the next day, Sophie brought the CDs in for him to try. He listened to them every night as he went to sleep, as was intended, and amazingly, he did find the challenge easier. Simon wasn’t sure how the CDs worked but he didn’t care. 100 days was no trouble now. What Simon didn’t realise was that whilst the CDs did contain some subconscious inspirational messages designed for athletes, they mostly contained hypnosis excerpts for feminization of transgender people. On day 20, Simon was exercising comfortably. On day 25, Simon was exercising in leggings and a sports bra. By day 50, Simon was turning up the gym in full makeup. Sophie didn’t think to tell him about the feminization element of the CDs. She wasn’t punishing Simon, she was just curious as to whether the hypnosis would actually work. She liked Simon and would never hurt him, but she liked him as a girl even more. Sophie observed Simon from the back of the gym on day 100 and wondered what would happen next. Perhaps she’d hypnotise him into filling out his bra cups a little more…

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