Britt was an up-and-coming actor in Hollywood. At least, he wanted to be, but he wasn’t having much luck in getting roles. The only role he had so far been able to land was as a boyfriend to Elizabeth, one of Hollywood’s most successful makeup artists. She had, in previous years, been nominated twice for best makeup. She quite excelled not only at making beautiful women more beautiful but creating latex effect to make actors look entirely different. One day, Elizabeth came to Britt.
“Good news,” she said. “I think I can get you a role on my new film. One of our actors dropped out and we need someone to take their place. The producer is a friend of mine, so I brought you up.”
“That’s great!” Britt said. “What’s the part?”
“You’ll be playing the part of a prostitute who has to sell themselves for money and gets addicted to the sex and humiliation. It’s really a breakout role and there’s sure to be some award buzz around it.”

“What’s the catch?” Britt asked. “Why isn’t this going to some big-name actor?”
“Because the role is for a transgender prostitute.”
“Doesn’t Hollywood want to start casting more trans actors and actresses? Why give the role to me?”
Elizabeth hesitated. “I might have told them you were a trans woman.”
“WHAT?!?! But I’m clearly a man. Look, I even look manly.”
“You’re forgetting who you’re talking to,” Elizabeth said. “With my effects, there’s no way they won’t believe you aren’t a trans woman far into your transition. And you’re a good enough actor to pull it off. What do you say?”
“If you can make me a passible woman, which I doubt, I’ll go in for the role.”
“Challenge accepted.”


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