“It looks good on you, bother.”

Richard almost died when he heard his sister’s voice behind him. He slowly turns his head to see what she is doing behind him. She has an evil grin. “I, ah,” Richard started to explain. “I just wanted to know what it feels like to wear a dress, Jacqueline,” Richard said once he found his voice.

Jacqueline walked around her brother dressed is drag, examining how well he looked in her favorite dress. “You fill it out nice, Richard.”

“Well, ah… thank you.”

“Oh, don’t thank me too much, Richard. I know you’ve been trying on my clothes for some time now. And yes, I noticed panties missing. You wear them to school?” Richard met Jacqueline’s eyes and nodded. “It’s okay. I think it’s kinky; I like kinky.”

“You won’t tell mom and dad, will you?”

“Your secret is mine, bro. But you have a small problem.”

Richard looked back over his shoulder again to see what Jacqueline was getting at. “Wha… what problem?”

“After a few months of you wearing my clothes I decided to invest in a nanobot spray. I sprayed all my clothes this morning before I left.” Jacqueline smiled showing her perfect white teeth.

“I don’t get it,” Richard mumbled.

“You will shortly. You see, the nanobots on my clothes are programmed to turn anyone wearing my clothes into a woman. Go ahead. Give yourself a feel. The nanobots finished their work while we were talking.”

Richard examined himself and it was true. He was a woman! Then Richard looked Jacqueline in the eyes and smiled. “I’m keeping the dress and taking your name, too.” The new Jacqueline walked from the room a confident woman.

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