Andy thought he had been discreet with the rental of his Real Feel bodysuit, but his wife Alexis knew far more than he realized. Unknown to him, she typically reviewed his search history on the computer and soon discovered her perverted husband was dressing as a woman during the weekends when she was out of town. Needless to say, this was very upsetting. Planning on catching her sick husband in the act, she stayed home one weekend and hid in the garage, waiting for Andrea to come back home from the store freshly fitted in her latest bodysuit. Sure enough, he returned- and the creep was even wearing her clothes! At an opportune moment, she came up behind him and held a soaked rag over his mouth, incapacitating him, so that she could begin his punishment.

When Andy awoke, he found himself gagged on the bed. He tried to get out of the bonds but they were too strong. Alexis only smiled and watched his discomfort- he was staying like this for the weekend! But Andy was far more concerned- he wasn’t able to tell his wife that the suit he had rented was a 24-hour lease! He needed to return the suit the next day, otherwise, Real Feel’s liability contract would kick in and they would keep his deposit- and not deactivate the suit! It would be his to own permanently’ Andy continued to thrash and stomp his high-heeled feet, but his wife only sat back and enjoyed the show. There was no way she was letting him out. Little did she know, there would be no way out come tomorrow afternoon.

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