Caught Crossdressing !!

Taylor swallowed hard as the banging on his apartment door persisted, growing more forceful by the second. Through the peep hole were two security guards and the building’s superintendent, fully intent on removing him from his unit without delay.Like a tidal wave, it flooded back to him- the building was undergoing fumigation! He had seen the notices, dozens of them, yet somehow, the event had completey vanished from his mind. It would have only been a minor inconvenience, of course, had he not so deeply indulged his crossdressing fetish that evening.His door would soon be broken I’m… I’m coming!” Taylor squealed, filling with terror as he made his way to the door in the six-inch heels he had fastened around his ankles. Opening it, he felt his throat contract to a close.He was met with wide eyes as the superintendent stared him down, visibly stunned by the sexy young woman who had emerged. “Miss… you need to leave, immediately,” he composed, in accordance with the other gaping security guards. “If you don’t have another place to stay, call Linda at this number and she can have something arranged for you.Taylor timidly accepted the card and slipped it into his corresponding purse as his door was closed from behind him followed by an escorted elevator ride to the main lobby.”Doors should be back open in three days, Miss,” the superintendent said from behind the closing doors. Youhave yourself a good night, now.

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