Caught By Police !!

When Jeremy’s office sent him to London for a work he was very excited, and not just because of the stay in a hotel, all expenses paid. If he was going to London then it meant there was no chance of anyone recognizing his feminine persona Jessica if she went for a stroll down the street.
He brought with him some of his favorite girls’ clothes and as soon as the conference was over he dashed back to the hotel to pretty himself up for an evening of cross-dressing. He chose to wear a pink off-the-shoulder top and tight white shorts to show off his perfectly shaved legs. With a wig on his head and some carefully applied make-up he looked as good as he felt and headed down to the street. The only looks he got as he crossed the hotel lobby were from admiring hotel staff he seemed to be wondering where this sexy woman had come from. Jeremy felt wonderful as he stepped out into the street. There was nothing to fear from the passersby, no worries of running into a work colleague or a friend. He set off down the street enjoying the air and the looks his legs earned from passing motorists. He was watching a taxi driver who was watching him as he turned a corner and so didn’t notice the policewoman standing there until he ran right into her and nearly knocked her off her feet.

“Oops, I’m sorry,” Jeremy said and immediately knew he had made a terrible mistake. He had used his normal male voice and the policewoman was giving him a very close and stern look.
“What’s all this then?” she said in a loud and commanding voice. “Boys dressed as girls running into police officers, is it? You had better come with me to the station lad.”
Jeremy was terrified. What would he do if he was arrested for assaulting a police officer? His career would be ruined, and his life. He was so scared that he meekly allowed the police woman to lead him to the station that wasn’t far away. As they approached Jeremy could only imagine the humiliation of walking into a police station dressed as a girl. He felt his knees knocking as they went up the stairs but when they came into the lobby there was no one at the front desk. He could hear voices coming from an open door behind the desk and thanked his luck that on one had seen him. The police woman lead him across the room and into an office where she closed the door.
“Now then,” she said sternly. “What’s all this about?”
“I,I,I’m sorry,” Jeremy stammered feeling very foolish now in his sexy pink top and tight shorts.
“Sorry is all very well and nice but why are you dressed as a girl?”
“Er, well, I…”
“Like to dress up as a girly do you?”
“Yes Ma’am”
Jeremy didn’t know the correct way of addressing a police officer but ‘Ma’am’ seemed like a good start. Despite the peril he was in he loved the woman’s English accent and the way she talked to him with such confidence.
“I see,” the officer said. “Did you put all that make-up on all by yourself?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Made a good job of it, didn’t you?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“You like being all girly do you? Like being one of the girls?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“If you are trying to be a girl then shouldn’t you have a girly voice.”
Jeremy wasn’t quite sure what the officer meant and he said so.
She pulled out her truncheon and used it to lift his face by pushing under his chin.
Jeremy was so surprised and scared he couldn’t move.
“If you want to be a girl you had better use a girly voice when you are talking, hadn’t you?”
Jeremy was so humiliated at first he couldn’t speak but then he worked his mouth and managed to speak in his feminine voice.
“Yes ma’am.”The police woman smirked at him and then poked him in the chest where he had attached adhesive breasts to make a very large bosom.
“Are those fake breasts?”
“Yes ma’am.””Ha! They’re a bit on the large size for such a small girl, aren’t you?”
“If you say so ma’am.”
“I hope you put on a pretty pair of knickers,” the police woman said and poked him in the groin with her truncheon.Jeremy blushed. He had put on a pair of pink high-cut panties with bows on them and he was ashamed to think that the policewoman might ask to see them. Secretly he loved the way she called his panties ‘knickers’ in her English accent.
“Yes ma’am.”
“Yes ma’am what?”
“Yes ma’am I’m wearing pretty panties, I mean knickers.”The police woman took his face in her other hand while keeping the truncheon pressed against his crotch. He had never felt so weak in the face of woman in his life.”I could have you arrested for assault you know,” she said. “And with that little top, I can add indecent exposure.”Jeremy gulped. Then the woman leaned even closer and before he could move she planted a kiss on his mouth. She held his face as her tongue explored his mouth.
“But I wouldn’t do that to such a pretty boy, now would I?” she said as she broke away from the kiss.
Jeremy stood frozen to the spot.
“Well, that will be all, off you go then lad,” the police officer said and she gave him a sharp whack on the bottom with her truncheon to get him moving. Jeremy needed no second bidding. He ran from the police station and headed straight back to the hotel, his legs like jelly. All he could think of was that he had just been sexually abused by a police officer but he was never going to press charges…

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