No Going Back !!

August 21, 2017 TG Transformation 0

Diane stood at a distance watching Dave’s family at the burial. Dave’s wife sobbed as friends comforted her. Words were said, mostly glowing but some […]


August 16, 2017 TG Transformation 0

‘Just one more hour to go, ‘ Simon thought to himself. Working with a hangover wasn’t easy at the best of times – but it […]

Hypnosis tape

August 11, 2017 TG Transformation 0

‘You are a woman… your name is Michelle… you love the feel of women’s clothes… ‘ Dan was in a hopeless situation. He always needed […]

Shopping Trip

August 3, 2017 TG Transformation 0

‘Now, is there something I’ve forgotten?’ Katie’s shopping trip had certainly been successful – the bags in her hands were the result of hours browsing […]

Time for Prom

August 2, 2017 TG Transformation 0

When Reece had persisted in making fun of Cassie’s friends at school, she finally decided to do something about it. She had heard of the […]