Feminized Son !!

August 29, 2018 TG Transformation 0

And, James, I had better not see any creases ironed into those end-table cloths when you’re finished. You do know what will happen, don’t you?” […]

Assistant and Boss !!

August 15, 2018 TG Transformation 0

“Please, Mr. Henderson…this…this isn’t fair” Morgan protested as Henderson blew softly into Morgan’s ear, causing Morgan to shudder as goose bumps rushed up and down […]

Equals !!

June 3, 2018 TG Transformation 22

Samantha was growing increasingly tired of her son Justin constantly complaining about not being able to do what he wanted. He wanted to be able […]

Twin Trouble !!

February 11, 2018 TG Transformation 0

And the winner of today’s program is Miss Annie Bellstrom winning $11,001 as well as a spot on next week’s grand final!” the announcer said, […]