Car Accident !!

Richard made the most of his weekends alone. He would start early in the morning, feminising himself in expert fashion ready for the days ahead. Once he was happy with his body and make-up he would choose an outfit and take his car for a spin. He never made contact with anyone whilst he was dressed but he liked to get out of the house. He loved nothing more than to take his car down quiet country roads dressed as Jenny. The feel of the wind in his hair made him feel free.
This time, though, he’d run into some trouble. His morning had started well but rain from the night before made his normal route very muddy. He’d just started to realise how thick it was getting when his car squelched to a stop. After revving the engine a couple of times to no avail, he started looking helplessly around in the hope of a miracle. There was no way he was phoning a breakdown service dressed like this-he had a very masculine voice and had never had to act female in front of company! He was anxious not to spoil his outfit but there was only one thing for it – he was going to have to get muddy. Richard was thankful that he’d gone for a more practical choice earlier in the day – he would have hated to try and push this car in a dress!
Richard got out of the car and grimaced as his heels sank into the mud. He started to push and prayed he could get the car free before someone else came by…

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