“Leave your message at the beep.”
“Hi, Honey. I was just calling to let you know I have to stay at the convention for a couple more days. Nothing big, just a potential client I have to work. Anyway, I’ll be back on Monday. Give me a call back when you get this. Love you!”
You end the call and give a sigh. You’ve felt bad every time you do this, but the allure is too strong to resist. After the hard-nosed businessman act you’ve put on at the real convention, you just know that you need to relax and unwind. And no relaxation method has worked better than slipping into her for a few days. You found her four years ago when one of your bags accidentally held one of your wife’s sundresses. The last day of one of those conventions you hate so much, you just slipped it on for fun. At first, you pranced around in it, but you then noticed just how natural… how normal it felt. The loose material flowed around your legs as you walked around your hotel room as your mind began to swim. What would it be like, you wondered, to actually be a girl for a few hours?

The prancing faded, and you began trying to use your wife’s motions. It didn’t feel quite right… then you began to mix in the mannerisms of your company CEO’s wife. Sensual… dominant… the alpha female who submits only to the alpha male who provides her with the world she wants. Suddenly, the loose sundress didn’t feel quite as natural, definitely not tight enough. You knew what you needed to do.
Every trip, you’ve become better, more feminine, the perfect mix of lady and slut that any Captain of Industry would want hanging off his arm. Her needs have started to intrude on your networking at the convention, making you look at your potential clients less as business partners and more as men. And you’ve felt yourself coming closer to asking a question that might take you to the next level. Could I play this part with one of them?

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