Jill, I’ve mounted dozens of girls over the years going all the way back to the Civil War, but none of them had an ass better than yours. 

Oh God, I can’t control my body. Somehow this bastard has taken me over. Quit admiring my ass you scumbag.

I think I’ll go out for a nice drink and see about finding a man to help me put Jill here through her paces. I just keep thinking about taking a man down there.

This cannot be happening. I must be losing my mind. I can’t even blink.

That droning noise in the background, I hadn’t noticed it before. I wonder if Jill has a hearing problem.

Hearing problem hell, that’s me you parasite. Me, telling you to bug out – GET OUT OF MY HEAD

OK, my makeup looks perfect, and Jill’s memories say she’s a real sexual dynamo. Well let’s go grab us a man and find out, shall we?

No. Damn it, let’s not. God, I wish you could hear me you old ghost, body thief, or whatever you call yourself.

Purse, Cell phone, OK I’m all set, time to break in the new body

Oh no, You’re going to put me through all this on the sidelines, like some kind of voyeur? Just be glad you can’t hear me you useless prick

Must get Jill’s hearing checked, that noise could actually be annoying.

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