Can’t be a Man anymore !!

“I knew I should have kicked this damn habit years ago,” Tyler fumed to himself as he stood at the crosswalk, waiting impatiently for the signal. All he wanted to do was run to CVS for a few quick things, but even that had to be a huge embarassment all thanks to Mr. Green. Several months ago, Mr. Green, Tyler’s landlord, had offered to install some light fixtures while Tyler was at work. Happy for the free labor, Tyler gladly obliged- but he wouldn’t realize his mistake until it was too late. While installing the lighting, Mr Green inadvertently discovered Tyler’s stash of women’s clothing, and being the enterprising man he was, realized a tremendous opportinity: blackmail Tyler for whatever he wanted. Mr. Green set up a small hidden camera and left Tyler to his devices, which before long yielded some very compromising evidence against Tyler’s good-natured persona.

A week later Tyler received an e-mail from Mr. Green with startling imagery of himself, along with a note that demanded Tyler did as he said or else his friends and family would be informed of his perversion. Panicked, Tyler responded, agreeing to do anything Mr. Green wanted- money, services, it didn’t matter- he couldn’t let anyone m see what he did with himself in his private space! To Tyler’s dismay, Mr. Green appeared to be as perverted as he was. His request was simple: anytime Tyler left the building, he had to be dressed as a woman. He would be watching, at random, and if he ever saw Tyler dressed as a man, the videos were as good as gone. Moving away would only cause the same response. Tyler was infuriated but choiceless. He had to obey. It was exceedingly difficult at first, but Tyler had gotten better at passing himself off. He normally kept a change of clothes in his bag, but for short trips like this, it just wasn’t worth the effort. Mr. Green had him where he wanted him- in a skirt and heels- and it didn’t look like that would be changing any time soon..

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