It was me and my girlfriend Maria’s three year anniversary, She has always been in fashion, most of the time as she only wears dresses and skirts, she’s a real girly-girl! I thought I’d buy her a pretty dress since she loves them so much, but can you imagine a guy walking around in a girly dress shop trying to find a dress to buy, people will start talking! Since we’re about the same size and height, I decided to borrow some of her clothes when she was out with her family for the weekend. I also borrowed some make-up and even some of her long blonde hair extensions, oh and I can’t forget those heels she always wears. After I got dressed up I went to the dress store, and as fast as I could, talking to no one, I went through all these dresses and finally picked out a cute, short, black dress, and then I rushed home. To make sure it fitted well, I decided to try it on… I thought I looked pretty good in it, so for some reason, I took some photos of me in the dress all dolled up! I think she’s going to love it, hopefully, she won’t mind if I wear It out tonight at the club!


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