Businessman To Cute Girl !!

Most men lie about how tall they are. That is a fact. If a guy tells you that he’s exactly six foot, he is most likely five foot eleven. Sure, it’s only an inch, but it is a lie. Nobody wants to be another five foot-something when they can join the ranks of the six-footers. So stretching the truth and putting on a pair of elevator shoes is a common practice amongst insecure men. But, sure, they can lie about being a whole feet taller than what they actually are.Now, if a man admitted to you that he’s only five foot two, you’d believe him right? After all, who would lie about being that short? But whenever I saw Ricky walk over to my office to hand me another assignment that he considered himself too important to do himself, I had to wonder. Is he really five foot two? I have always been good at reading other people, and Ricky’s complete arrogance and insistence that no-one get close to him, seemed to suggest that he was hiding something. Imagine how I laughed when l found out that Ricky was wearing elevated shoes! He’s so tiny! The poor bastard wasn’t even five foot tall. Whether he was four foot eleven or four foot ten, I wasn’t sure, but it was clear he was below five foot. You’d have to wonder if a guy could even be said to be fully-grown if he’s that short, but I knew for a fact that Ricky was in his twenties.After all, we grew up together.

No, we were never really friends. Ricky has always been an asshole,and everyone knows that. But he did well academically, and he always had a way of getting what he wanted. Most of us suspected that he cheated on every test he took, but he was never caught. He seemed destined to become some asshole businessman sucking money from the poor to add to his own wallet. Ricky used to be my boss, before I got him fired. Long story short, he was caught embezzling funds. He’d be in jail now, if it wasn’t for the fact that the people we work for don’t exactly like the police. It’s a shady company, and having cops around sniffing around every corner would likely have exposed dealings far worse than some embezzlement. So, instead they trusted Ricky to me. They told me that I’d be given a nice extra bonus if I managed to keep Ricky away from the public eye.Don’t judge me for my fetishes. We all have them, and most of us just keep them quiet. But I found myself in a unique spot where I could get one of my greatest fantasies to come true. Sure, I had always imagined making an actual female into my lovely girl, but Ricky was hardly male to begin with. Trust me, he’s so cute when he is dressed up like a girly girl. Supposedly he’s turning twenty-seven soon, but I like to treat him like as if he’s 18.I will let him grow old, eventually. Wouldn’t it be hilarious to make him go back to high school as a girl? Would anyone realise that the sweet little schoolgirl who’d never cheat on a test was actually in his thirties?

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