“Oh my god, you bitch! I’m taking this off right now.”
“Oh, I don’t think so honey.” She played the video back from earlier in the night of him tied up on the bed.
“Please! Yes, I’ll be your sissy bunny and do whatever you want just please’
“That’s better my little girl .”She said with a wicked look on her face.
“Please! That’s not fair – we were just playing and you know I would say anything to please you.”
“You should really be more careful about what you agree to honey. This is happening unless you want that video to be posted everywhere.”

“Ugh… fine. Please just promise you will delete it after tonight.”
“Now come here and let me get you in these restraints.” She laughed as she locked the handcuffs with his hands behind his back. “You are so fucking dumb. Marrying such a sissy was the biggest mistake of my life… one that I plan to fix tonight. A guy is coming now to take you away to. Who knows what he is going to do. He will definitely make out with you… maybe marry you… I don’t care. Good luck you dumb bitch!”
His heart was beating out his check as he heard the knock on the door.

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