Bunny Girl (Part 1)

Aww geez! When you asked me if! would be a bunny for Easter I thought we would – you know – hide eggs or something for the local kids to have an egg hunt or something. Knowing you – I figured you would probably make me wear a bright pink bunny suit or something but this? This is way over the top even for you! You
have to turn me back ASAP.

Come on, dude. Now you’ve got to admit I’ve made you frickin adorable. I think I’ve really outdone myself this time. Seriously. Tell me you’re not the hottest bunny you’ve ever seen.

That’s the problem! I’m torn between being totally appalled at what you’ve done to me and being totally turned on. I’m scared that if you don’t turn me back right now I won’t have the strength to ever go back.

So you admit it that you like being a hot chick?

I’m not a chick. I’m a bunny. Please.

Aww, you are so cute when you plead. Tell you what. Ask me again in a couple of days when Easter is over and I ’II seriously consider your request. In the meantime, I like your idea of making your outfit pink – and I think it would be cute if your hair matched. Hold still. This will only take a sec.


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