Budget Cuts !!

When the Black Ops division of the CIA didn’t think they had any female agents specialized enough to perform the operation successfully, they turned to Jack Richards, a top-performing spy that had more than once saved missions from total failure. This job was different, however- because he would be undercover as a woman. Richards initially denied the request, but as it became clear to him that he was the only agent capable of pulling off the mission, he reluctantly accepted. He only wished he could’ve been asked again after they suited him up as Nikola Fox, sexy Russian call girl. The unique polymer fitted to his chest and groin adhered to his body via microwave frequency, destabalizing to fit his body, stabilizing back to secure a seamless bond.

He would be Nikola until he returned, when they could remove the polymers in the lab. But while Nikola was off in Russia gathering information, the CIA experience some unprecedented budget cuts and was forced to shut down the Black Ops divison entirely. Undercover Nikola was completely unaware of this development, and boarded a train to France four months later expecting to rendezvous with another agent to provide him with a new ID and bring him home. But that rendezvous would never occur Nikola placed her bag in the overhead, the stilettos she wore proving useful for the first and last time. All Jack could think about was getting back home and getting everything back to normal- “womanhood had been driving him nuts for months. But Nikola had no idea that she would never see the lab- or heir manhood- ever again.


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