Brothers to Sisters !!

“This isn’t funny, Katelyn,” Todd said. Barry nodded agreement.

Katelyn was sick and tired of having two brothers that irritated her; she wanted a sister, or sisters, to connect with. “Smile for the camera, girls.”

“I wish you’d stop calling us that,” Barry said.

“If you ever want me to turn you back you better give me happy faces. Besides, you should feel lucky. You are wearing my favorite dresses.”

“Whatever, Katelyn,” Todd said. “What I want to know is when you became a witch?” Barry asked.

“Oh, dear brothers, I was always a witch. You just never noticed.”

“How much longer?” Todd asked as he shifted on his feet. “These shoes are killing me.” “Me too,” Barry said.

Katelyn smiled knowing her brothers were never going back. She would play them along until the right time, telling them they were girls forever. “Not so fast girls,” Katelyn taunted. “First we need to give you names and then parade you around town. How about Eileen and,” Katelyn acted like she was in deep thought and then pointed at Barry, “Paula.”

“What!” the boys said in unison.

“And I think we should do this for one month.”

The boys were stunned. Katelyn smiled at her two new sisters. She turned and said, “Come along now.”

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