Bride to Be!!

Adam looked over his shoulder at his reflection in the mirror. “Oh, Erica. you look so beautiful in this dress!” Erica was Adam’s daughter. What started out during Erica’s teenage years as harmless swapping in and out of her body when she slept slowly escalated over the years. Adam became more and more interested in assuming his daughter’s identity. He met her boyfriend for her. conceived and gave birth to her son, worked her body into a very financially stable job. and was now getting married in her body. Erica did not understand why she had lost memories of so many events. She had seen several doctors and she was diagnosed with a form of chronic memory loss and given medication to combat the illness that she didn’t really have.

She was merely losing them to her own father Adam wasn’t sure what he would do after the wedding or how he would explain not being there himself, but he was certain of one thing. After spending more and more time as his daughter over the course of the last fifteen years. Adam felt ready to make one final leap which was causing him jitters. Adam was seriously starting to contemplate taking over his daughter’s life for good. This life is just too good not to keep… isn’t it?” Adam looked at his beautiful reflection one last time before turning and heading out to be married to his soon to be darling husband.

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