Shocked !!

Brandon was still in a state of shock as he sat on the bed looking at his mother. He had stood in front of the mirror she uncovered for a long time until he became convinced that it wasn’t a trick,that it was really his reflection. Then his knees became weak as the full impact of what Anna had been telling him as she worked on him seemed to crystalize. His life as he’d known it was over. He would soon be Brandy, his mothers daughter. If he had known or even suspected that she could actually do this to him he would have taken her warnings and threats more seriously. The cocktail of muscle relaxers, psychotropics and strong hormones she’d injected him with before she got started last night left him unable to put up an resistance. She had stripped him and removed all his body hair, washed and conditioned his long hair and left him to soak for a while in the bath oils and skin softeners in the tub before putting him in panties and a night gown to drift off to sleep listening to a prepared CD. This morning he was awakened to the new name of Brandy and while he was still aware of who he’d been just yesterday a part of him accepted the new name After testing him with a few phrases Anna said once I’m dressed and finish dressing you in a skirt we’re going shopping for your knew wardrobe. I’m going to let you wear flats today, we’ve got a lot of walking to do. You’ll have plenty of time to get used to heels later. You’d better hope your friends aren’t like you and think women are only good for one thing but you know better now.

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