Boys to Girls Initiative !!

When the Tarvek Virus decimated womankind Jeff Clarke was left as shell-shocked as everyone else. Suddenly his hopes of marriage and kids were dashed, every fertile woman was given priority status and moved to luxury, but secure, prisons, and whilst he could donate sperm, he’d never know his children.He also became increasingly frightened by the way society was heading. There were more and more fights, more and more crimes being committed as the balancing effect of women was lost, not to mention the sexual release they provided. When the Government introduced the B.I.G initiative (Boys Into Girls) Jeff hoped this would help, and after some soul-searching he decided that sharing a woman who used to be a man with two other guys was better than being alone.Unfortunately even with the B.I.G initiative there weren’t enough girls to go around, not even man made girls. Things got worse when Jeff lost his job. The minimal welfare payments were barely enough for him to live on, let alone to support a part time girlfriend.

Meanwhile the government kept pushing the B.I.G initiative, offering all sorts of incentives,Jeff could no longer pay his rent and had to move to a seedier part of town. When he was mugged and badly beaten he’d had enough. He knew there was only one way to a better life and so he signed up with B.I.G.He was incredibly nervous before the surgery, but the doctors were well practiced by this point and his transition went without a hitch. He was allowed six weeks recuperation and training, and found that he actually quite enjoyed the process of learning to be feminine, to think and act like a woman. When he graduated with good marks he was assigned the name Sharon and issued with a government apartment.Within a few weeks he was given a part time job as a shop girl, and a few weeks after that Sharon was allocated to her three male companions. Despite all the preparation this was the hardest thing of all for Jeff to deal with.He’s been Sharon for a year now, and finally he’s coming close to getting used to his new life.And then there are his men, his lovers.

There’s Bruce, a fifty year old builder who drinks too much and can be quite forceful at times, and there’s Edward, he’s 65 and the epitome of a dirty old man, he’s quite perverse and because he doesn’t work.Sharon really does have to spent every second of their allotted 48 hours a week together, and he’s determined to get as much pleasure as he can out of their time together.And it isn’t just three men either. B.l.G girls were supposed to spend two days with each man, and then get a day to themselves, but the law was changed, meaning Sharon now has to spend her day off with Rick, a 25 year old man who’s fat,smelly and has the worst aspects of both Bruce and Edward.Really if it wasn’t for her other man Don here she’d have gone nuts. Don is thirty and treats Sharon like a lady. He’s kind and funny and handsome, and is a caring lover. They wish they could spend more time together and have applied for a marriage permit which would mean they could spend four days a week together, and possibly even adopt a child, plus Sharon would be able to drop Bruce or Edward, but the marriage approval process can take years, so for now Sharon just lives for Thursdays and Fridays, the best days of her week.

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