“Aww, don’t look at me like that babe.”

“Don’t even start, this is all your fault, Rebecca.”

What? I haven’t done anything but support whatever it is you want to do.”

“So that’s why you’ve been practically force feeding me all those calorie-heavy foods? It makes me feel weird. It makes me think and look like a girl for some reason. You know how many squats I have to do just to keep this but under some control?  My perfectly skinny frame is completely ruined now. And for some reason, I am growing these stupid breasts. What is going on??

“But I think that ass of yours looks good on you.”

But it’s growing too fast. My underwear literally ripped this morning after I snapped them on.” I had to put on these stupid pink panties to keep it in shape.

Huh, I thought that’s how you bought them. It looks quite sexy on you. Not to mention the lift your cheeks up delightfully so.”

You think? I mean yeah it does look nice, it’s just that now I need to get a whole new wardrobe now and I just got finished changing it over to fit my new obsession of pastels,  wherever the hell that came from. Nothing but my tights and yoga pants fit anymore.

“Hmm, sounds like a fun weekend to me. And don’t worry your little head. I’m happy enough to pay for another wardrobe if it means you looking this hot. Who knows,  maybe we can even get you fitted for some bras while we’re out.”

Please, boys don’t need bras Rebecca. I mean sure I’m getting a little flabby up there but it’s nothing a little working out won’t fix.”

Of course Jesse, foolish me. How about once you finish doing your hair and makeup, I take you out to dinner tonight to make up for lying about this food incident? I‘ll even let you wear that black bodycon dress I’ve got since your pants don’t fit anymore.”

Well I guess you do owe me that much. But can I wear one of your G-strings too? My panties always leave such ugly lines underneath that thing. Especially now that it  will be super tight around my ass and waist.”

“Of course dear, of course.”


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