Boy Attends College as a Transgendered Girl Part 2

I received a full scholarship to Archer College, a liberal arts college in Boston. Faced with the sobering reality of actually masquerading as a transgendered girl, I wanted to back out-until I visited the campus. I’d never been anywhere as exciting and beautiful in my entire life. It was like walking through a dream and returning to my drab hometown was a rude awakening. Spending the rest of my life there would kill me. I resolved to go through with the charade.The week after my visit, I enrolled at Archer as a transgendered girl called Audrey. I even got my own dorm room because of my “special circumstances.” But, yeah, it was weird pretending to be a boy who was pretending to be a girl.

I had to ditch my old wardrobe, learn to do make up, and try to make myself act as “fem as possible. But, honestly, what was most disappointing was how easily my metamorphosis went. The other kids all accepted me for who I purported to be and I made friends easily (it was an art school, after all). Everything was going smoothly as my first semester came to a close–and then they called me in for an interview with the scholarship coordinator.It turned out my application had been mixed up with another student’s. He informed me that the scholarship was only for transgendered students were “transitioning”-as in taking hormones,saving up for surgery, the whole kit and caboodle.Panicked, I faked a crying spell and lamented that although it was my dream to transition, I couldn’t afford the medical bills. He consoled me and offered to see if Archer College could make an exception. I left the office feeling relieved. I’d gotten away with yet another deception.Or so I thought.

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