Boy Attends College as a Transgendered Girl Part 1

College is expensive. Sure, there are scholarships if you’re a genius or a minority, but I’m just an average kid from an average family; too rich for grants and too poor to pay the tuition. But, despite the financial challenges, I was determined to become the first in my family to attend college.So, during my senior year, I applied for scholarships as the only minor transgendered girl. I was never the biggest or hairiest guy in school, a fact that had hurt my social standing,but maybe-I hoped I’d turn it into an advantage.

It’d be revenge on the Neanderthals who’d bullied me and girls who’d ignored me during high school.Sure, there were scholarships for gay kids, too, but I figured I’d have less competition in the category. I wrote a convincing essay, attached a picture of me in a dress I bought from Good Will for $3 striking the sassiest pose I could, and mailed it out.My parents hated the idea when they found out. They pointed out how selfish I was being.Arnold, if you win that money there will be a real transgendered girl out there who doesn’t get it.” They were right, but I was desperate to leave my small town. Also, I honestly didn’t think it would work.But it did. Big time.

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