Jocelyn still could not believe what had happened a few minutes ago and could not hold back tears that simply did not stop flowing. Was she really trapped in this weak body for good now? Shortly before, she had been a man, seduced by the young woman whose body she now owned. Unfortunately, she had been seduced by the young woman whose body she now possessed. But how could she know that the new secretary was after Jack’s body, but not in the way Jocelyn had believed. Jack had followed his new secretary home like an in love cock. But it was only when she kissed him that Jack became aware of her true purpose. For in the very next moment, Jocelyn stared into her former face, which smiled contentedly at her.
“No, you’re not dreaming, you’re really Jocelyn, the secretary. And I’m Jack, your wealthy boss. You’ve probably noticed that you now see yourself as Jocelyn, that’s part of the spell that has also exchanged the key details from both our lives. Yes, you can only really remember being Jocelyn, and your life as Jack is now just a fading memory inside your brain.

So, you will be the one now, who must live with not just being a woman, but also that you must work hard for a living. I will go now and have fun driving in my expensive sports car. I’ll see you again tomorrow when you sit behind your desk and do your job as a secretary to my satisfaction. You know that you’re only on trial so far, right? Remember that my assessment will decide if you will get a permanent position or not. So, Ciao, Jocelyn. Until tomorrow!’
When the door closed, Jocelyn threw herself on the couch and burst into tears,
“What did I do to deserve this? And It seems that I cannot fight against the change, because Jack was right, my brain forces me to believe that I was born Jocelyn, and I’m really worried it will succeed in the end. Now enough of tears. I must pull myself together now. Tomorrow is a working day and I cannot go there with red swollen eyes. Everyone will ask why I cried. And what should I answer the others then, since nobody would believe my story, even if I could tell it.”


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