Body Swapping Fun !!

20 year old Luke Danvers smiled at the reflection he saw staring back at him from the bathroom mirror. This was the tenth time he had swapped his consciousness into the body of Janice Bell, and the third time this week.It was only supposed to be a one off. Luke was struggling at University and was terrified that he was going to fail his finals. In desperation he tried everything to find a way to pass,even going so far as to look into the possibility of a magical solution.If he’d worked at his studies as hard as he worked at finding a way to cheat, Luke probably would have got a first class degree. Astonishingly he discovered a series of spells that actually worked.Unfortunately none of them seemed very useful in these circumstances, until he realised that one spell allowed for the user to swap bodies with another.After determining that Janice Bell, a high ranking member of the exam board, would have access to the exam he was going to have to take, Luke decided to borrow her body just long enough to check out the exam paper.

He arrived in the body of the 47 year old woman and, after a few minutes to acclimatise he searched her house until he found what he was looking for. After memorising the exam paper he should have chanted the return spell, but instead he became curious, and decided to spend a while in Janice’s body.For the next few hours he had fun trying on most of her clothes.The pleasure was very different as a woman, and so intense that he lost track of time, and he didn’t realise he was no longer alone until Janice’s husband, Ken, came over and started kissing him. Unable to utter the spell, and frankly so turned on he didn’t really want to, Luke allowed Ken to make love to him, and it was the most spectacular thing he’d ever experienced.He went back to his own body later, but all he could think about was how it was to be Janice. Within a week he’d taken her body over and made love with Ken again.He’s addicted, he knows that, and he has to do something soon. He’s failed his exams, and Janice is going to see the Doctor about her blackouts. Now as he looks in mirror Luke is wondering…What would happen if he just didn’t use the return spell?

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