Blessing in Disguise !!

“I’m just so proud of you, honey” My mom gushed, pinching my cheek. I tried my best to give her a convincing smile

“Thanks, mom,” I said, pulling away from her only to be pulled into a hug. “Mom, you’re doing that thing again

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She said, letting go of me. “I’m just so happy to see the beautiful young woman you have become after all of this.”

“I know mom, you’ve already told me.”

A few months ago, I was diagnosed with the TG Virus. The virus was a medical mystery that only affected males. It targeted the Y chromosome and caused a complete transformation into a female, boobs and all. At first, I was terrified. I was a football player, a big guy on campus and a hit with the ladies. I didn’t want to be a girl, and I was even more worried that given my large male body, I’d end up looking like a guy with boobs. But after a few months, and after the virus had run its course, I was actually kind of happy this happened to me. I ended up small and cute, except in the areas that mattered of course. I still like girls, but I found a beautiful lesbian at my school who loves me for who I am, way more than any of the girls I used to date. Everything in my life was working out great, all thanks to a blessing I thought was a curse. If only my mom wasn’t so damn proud all the time.

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