Blackmailed into becoming a Girl !!

“Oh, I see that the hormones are having their effect,” Carl laughed. “Look at ’em little boobies of yours.”
“I just started taking those damn pills,” I moaned. “It’s just my flabby chest.”
“In any case, that’s good enough for me,” Carl declared.
“I’m going to stop taking the pills when the changes are difficult to hide, you know,” I said. “Yeah, keep telling yourself that… Do you really think anyone looks at you and don’t think you’re some sort of sissy?” Carl asked. “Uhm…” I stumped at the comment. “I maybe look a little androgynous but no- one has ever commented on it before.”

“Oh, don’t be an oblivious darling” Carl yelled. “No-one thinks of you as a guy.” “Sure they do, I’m just another dude” I began. “You know what people say when I mention that I am making out with Morgan Allison?” Carl interrupted me. “They tell me that they’ve been wanting to makeout with that tomboy for years. They don’t even realise that you’re a guy!” “… You told me you wouldn’t tell anyone about this… Wait! They actually think I’m a girl?” I asked. “Hah,” Carl chuckled. “Sure, we know the truth. That I am blackmailing you into becoming my little girlfriend, but to anyone else on campus you’re just another young woman discovering her sexuality. Like it or not, people have thought you were a girl ever since the day you started college.” They think I’m cute? I whispered to myself.

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1 thought on “Blackmailed into becoming a Girl !!”

  1. Consider yourself lucky. I’ve lived some 13+ years living full time in times when transition want good times for us TS’s, I’d be a little scared maybe, but being submissive as i am, I’d find praise in brunt blackmailed really. As maybe it can get me back into just being me, the way I’ve always felt I’ve been. Somehow I’m stuck ina rut nowadays sad i so often call it. Not even sure how i got here. But clearly in a rut. A little nudge to get me out of it, wood bee good for both the blackmailer and myself included

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