Being Popular !!


He was never one for going out to clubs, but his friends Kevin and David practically forced him into going. That also meant however that he didn’t have anything too great to wear. A polo shirt and some jeans? That was decent, right? Oh, who was he kidding? There was no way any of the women there would pay attention to him over his friends. If only he could be popular one for once.

“Whose are these?”

He had never been so confused. What was a woman’s dress doing in his closet? He hadn’t had a woman over in the longest time and she certainly didn’t wear any revealing little red dress. Where had all this stuff come from? He was trying to figure it all out when he suddenly got a text from…Katie? He didn’t know any Katie.

“OMG! Did it happen to you too? You just got to put them on! I can’t even right now! This is so incredible!”

It was definitely the strangest text he had ever gotten from a stranger. But how was that stranger already in his phone’s contacts list? Looking over the red dress again, he got a crazy thought. The words from the message repeating in his head. He wasn’t about to put on women’s clothing, was he? He thought about, but mid thought he realized he had already removed his previous shirt and was already in the process of putting on the form-fitting fuzz. By the time it was fully around his torso, he realized something was off about his upper body. A small pleasurable pleasure felt as if the top was squeezing his body…smaller? In less than a minute his upper body looks disproportionate to his lower body. Like one half belonged to a man and the other to…a woman? Just like the top he felt his lower body slim down, his legs were now hairless and by touching them he discovered his skin all over his body was smoother and softer


He smacked his hand over his mouth. That voice wasn’t his. He sounded like a woman. He glanced down at his body again to witness the bulge in his pants shrink away and reform, followed by two new bulges growing from his chest. He knew what happened: he was a she now. A sudden feeling of excitement rushed through her as she quickly started putting the new shoes on as well. That was when she saw her hair get into her eyes. Walking to the mirror as she attempted to get her bangs out of her eyes, she watched her reflection in surprise. The shape of her eyes gained an almond shape while her lips plumped slightly and the bridge of her nose shrank little narrower. Then without warning her new face was painted with makeup, enhancing her already beautiful face. She also wondered where the earrings and headband had come from and…was she wearing a bra and thong now too as well? Her phone buzzed as she got another text message…from someone named Suzanne

“Gwen, Gwen! Are you experiencing this too? OMG, did I just type Gwen??? Like no way!”

Gwen didn’t understand what Suzanne was freaking out over, or who Suzanne really was. That all changed though when Gwen received new messages from Suzanne and Katie, each featuring a selfie of themselves. Of course! They were Gwen’s friends. What were their names before? She shrugged it off. They were going clubbing tonight. That was all that mattered. Gwen responded to each of them by sending a selfie of herself. She was confused however as to why the three of them were all women now, but Gwen didn’t care. She was hot to trot and certain Katie and Suzanne felt the same. Blowing a kiss to her reflection, Gwen stepped out into the world, determined to have a fun night.

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