Being a Woman feels Amazing !!

God, Fred this body feels so good.” Tommy said as he ran his hand up his hips and cupped his breasts, ”I had no idea women had it this good.” Fred stood up off the couch and walked over to his friend.

You look amazing.” Fred said as he studied Tommy up and down.

I feel amazing,” Tommy said biting his lip, ”This bodysuit is the real deal. Everything feels so real. It feels like real skin.” Tommy ran his hand down his long legs, ”Real soft, real smooth,” He got up close to Fred, ”Real warm.” He whispered in his ear.”

Fred took a step back, ”Whoa, hey man. Let’ s not get crazy here. I mean I know it is still you in there.”

How do you know that?” Tommy asked, ”I’m beginning to doubt that myself. I feel so alive. I feel right Fred.”

Tom, you are a man. We can’t do this.” Fred said.

Tommy walked over to Fred and grabbed his hand. He placed it on his round firm ass. ”Tell me, Fred, does that feel like a man? Does a man have anything like these?” He said gesturing to his breasts, ”Fred, you are my best friend. Now, I am not asking you, I am telling you, I want you to lay me down on that couch and make me a woman.” Tommy said firmly.

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