I pleaded Jim not to ruin my life. I apologized to him and begged him to forgive me. I was using a female account and pretended to be a woman to get money and jewelry. Eventually, I was caught. He agreed to forgive me on one condition. He told me that even though I acted as if I was in love with him, he loved me sincerely. I was going to get married to my girlfriend in 2 months but Jim wanted me to be his girlfriend for those 2 months. I was shocked after hearing it. I didn’t want to do it. But I know everything will be ruined if I don’t. I agreed to his demand to be his girlfriend for the next two months. I kept this as a secret from everybody and started to spend more time with him as his girl. I stayed dressed in all kinds of pretty female dresses and I obeyed him as his plaything. He even made me have my ears pierced. As the wedding was getting close, I was feeling better as my days as Jim’s girlfriend was coming to an end. Just a couple of days before my marriage, he told me that I will be marrying him instead of my girlfriend…


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